Usually, the first question we are asked, even before queries about the restaurant menu or the room prices, is about the meaning of the name MORGENLEIT. Everyone knows that we are in SAURIS / ZAHRE, a wonderful GERMAN-SPEAKING ISLAND where such curiosity is absolutely valid. This is the explanation of MORGENLEIT: in Saurano (the Sauris dialect), LAITE means "mountain slope" and MÖRGANT means "morning", but it can also mean "eastern, from the east". Putting the two words together gives the Saurano name MÖRGANTLAITE, that is, "the slope exposed to the morning sun, the eastern coast".

It means that the sun shines on the mountain Morgenleit/Mörgantlaite from the morning onwards - an excellent reason for a good walk!

We are located in the middle of the village of Sauris di Sotto and can easily be spotted, just a few paces from the Munipality, the Tourist Office, the grocery and the ski lifts, right below the Santuario di Sant'Osvaldo.

We are looking forward to hearing from you! Alessia, Loris and Susanna.

33020 Sauris (UD) Via Sauris di Sotto, 59 - Info: tel+39 0433 86166 fax +39 0433 86167 - Email:

P.I. 02480570304

credits: Treehouse-lab