the valley

Our Valley

A wonderful place in Friuli

Sauris is the highest Municipality of Friuli Venezia Giulia and is made up of the three hamlets of LATEIS, SAURIS DI SOTTO and SAURIS DI SOPRA, as well as the two districts of La Maina and Velt. The LA MAINA district was located on the valley floor in ancient times but was rebuilt upstream of the spot where the waters of the LUMIEI stream, blocked by the dam, form the modern-day LAGO DI SAURIS (1948).

Sauris extends from La Maina at 1,000 metres above sea level to Sauris di Sopra at 1,400 metres above sea level.


33020 Sauris (UD) Via Sauris di Sotto, 59 - Info: tel+39 0433 86166 fax +39 0433 86167 - Email:

P.I. 02480570304

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