A historic valley

Dating back to 1280

The most ancient document attesting to the existence of a community in the valley of Sauris bears the date 1280. Mention is made there of breeding some form of hunting birds, owned by the Lord of Castoia (Socchieve), whose jurisdiction even extended to the Sauris valley.The first seal granting an indulgence to someone who had visited the two churches of Sauris dates back to 1328. On the basis of these documents, but also on extensive studies of the local dialect, it is reasonable to assume the colonization of the area, presumably around the middle of the 13th century, by families from Pusteria and the modern-day valley of Lesach, located on the border between Tyrol and Carinthia.

It is just as likely that the Patriarchs of Aquileia, in pursuing a firm policy of demographic consolidation and reinforcement, ordered numerous family groups to be relocated there. The fact that the Patriarchs were of German origin, moreover, suggests the conclusion that the families sent to Sauris came from the north.

Unfortunately, a fire in the year 1758 destroyed the parish records, one of the main sources of inquiry, while a flood in 1872 destroyed the Lucchini house in Lateis where a collection of very ancient manuscripts had been kept.

However, legend has it that two hunters or soldiers thought it a good hiding place to put down roots....

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